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Jazz Box Office FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is the Jazz Box Office web site secure?
Jazz Box Office uses the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol to encrypt information entered on your secure order form before transmission over the Internet. You can place your order with knowledge that your information is being transmitted with the industry standard for secure server commerce transactions.

What is included in the service fee?

The total service charge includes a flat per ticket charge based on ticket value.

Which credit cards can I use to make a purchase?

Jazz Box Office accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards.

Can I buy tickets with cash?
Jazz Box Office does not sell advance tickets in exchange for cash. The individual venue may choose to sell advance tickets for cash or sell tickets at the door on the night of the event for cash.

What is a Will-Call list?
A Will-Call list indicates that ticket purchasers are placed on a list, to be held at the location of the event, on the day of the event. Tickets held on the Will-Call list are held under the name appearing on the credit card used to make the purchase. Customers on the Will-Call list may enter the venue one hour prior to the event and anytime after the event starts.

Can others within my party, arrive at different times and gain admittance?

Yes. If, for example, you purchase 4 tickets, there will be 4 tickets by your name on the Will-Call list. If your guests have your name and confirmation code, they may gain admittance to the venue by supplying that information to the admittance personnel at the venue box office or point of entry. That way, everyone in your party does not have to arrive at the same time and can arrive independently. They can gain admittance, even if you have not arrived. They must have your name and confirmation code or admittance will not be permitted until you, the purchaser, arrive.

Can I print my tickets on my home or business computer, using my printer?
Yes. You have the option to immediately print up your tickets, using your home or business printer. You will receive a Confirmation Email after you have completed the purchase transaction. This email will contain a link that will bring up an Adobe PDF file, containing a ticket voucher for each ticket you purchased. After opening this file, you will print up each separate ticket voucher for each ticket purchased. These tickets can be turned in at the venue box office or point of entry, just as you would any other pre-printed tickets.

What if I don’t receive my confirmation email?
If you do not receive your confirmation email after completing the transaction process, please contact Jazz Box Office at customerservice@jazzboxoffice.com. Please include the email address, name, and phone number used when placing the order.

What if Jazz Box Office’s refund policy?
Jazz Box Office allows refunds ONLY if the event for which you purchased tickets was cancelled, rescheduled or relocated.

Can I exchange my tickets for a different date or time?
No exchanges are allowed.

If the event is cancelled, how do I get a refund?
If the event is cancelled, your credit card will be refunded for the entire purchase, including the service fee.

What happens if the event is rescheduled?
If the event you purchased tickets for is rescheduled and you are able to attend the reschedule date, your tickets will be honored for that rescheduled date. If unable to attend, you must send an email at least one (1) business day before the rescheduled date and request a refund. Send email to customerservice@jazzboxoffice.com. If you printed your ticket vouchers via our Email Confirmation system, all you need to do is include the Confirmation ID # with your email request and we will remove those tickets from circulation via computer and issue you a refund. If you received your tickets via mail, Jazz Box Office will issue a full refund, including service fee, once unused tickets have been received. Mail the unused tickets to:

Jazz Box Office
P.O. Box 398002
Cambridge, MA 02139

We will not issue refunds for requests after the rescheduled event has taken place.


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